Social Network News Writing?


Image from, article by James Kendrick

Matt Diaz returns to Braves,” stated the temporary headline on the sports page.  Being the Braves fan that I am, I click in hopes for more information on the trade.  I had already read snippets of information on the ajcbraves Twitter account, but wanted to read the whole article for more detail.  However, the link does not take me to a well-written, highly informational article, but to the same Twitter site that I had just visited.

I wasn’t sure if I was experiencing deja vu, or if I had been rick-rolled by a news site.  However, given the discussion about twitter in English class, I found this scenario interesting.  It was interesting that Twitter was a primary outlet for a news story.  Mind you, I’m also aware that the trade was announced minutes before I saw the headline.  There is a very good chance that the Twitter updates were the only details available while the article was being written.  Either way, Twitter and Facebook are affecting how news is spread.  Heck, I found out about the deaths of Michael Jackson and Osama bin Laden via Facebook before I even checked any sort of news media. 

I’m kind of excited to see where news writing will end up in 10 years.  Times like these remind me why I’m majoring in both English AND Information Technology: so I can be right, smack dab in the middle of the action between writing and technology. 

Good stuff ahead!

*As J. Blair watches Diaz strike out to end the inning.*


About J. Blair Sanders

I am a web writer. And I like writing about the things that God teaches me. It's nifty.

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